How To Chat With Seller 101

English Chinese
Hello 你好
I want to buy this item .... (give product link in Taobao /1688) 我想买这个产品......
Is this ready stock or not? 请问这个有现存吗?
Do you have this size? Do you have this design ? Do you have this colour ? 你有这个尺码吗? 你有这个款吗? 你有这个颜色吗?
What kind of material this item? What kind of type this item? 这个产品是什么材料的? 这个产品是什么类型的?
This goods have warranty or not? 这产品可以保修吗?
What kind of warranty for this item ? I want to use it oversea 这个产品有什么样的保修?我要在海外使用
How many days after order will you ship to my warehouse in Baiyun district, Guangzhao ? 订货后,预计多少天到我们白云区仓库?
How much is the freight cost to Baiyun district, Guangzhou? 寄到广州白云区的快递运费多少钱?
How much weight (kg) for 1 quantity of this item?

What is the total CBM for all goods?
1 个产品的货,大概多重?

所有货物的总 CBM 是多少?
What is the size of packaging for 1 item?

What is the size of the parcel?
1 件物品的包装尺寸是多少?

Can you put wooden frame ? Can you put extra bubble wrap? 可以放木框吗?你能放额外的泡沫包装吗?
How much cost for the wooden frame? How much cost for the bubble wrap? 如果打木架,多少费用? 泡沫包装需要多少钱?
Can you label the box according to the colour? 你能根据颜色备注到盒子上吗?
Can you send video of my item? 你能发产品宣传的视频吗?
Can you give photo of the my item ? 麻烦给我产品的照片?
Can you give discount if I buy more? 如果我买多,你能打折吗?
How many box in total? 一共多少盒?
Can you put thick wooden frame? 可以放厚木框吗?
Can you send video of my goods before you send to my warehouse? 在您发送到我的仓库之前,您可以发送我的货物的视频吗?
Are you close to Yiwu warehouse or Guangzhou warehouse? 你离义乌仓库还是广州仓库近?
Do you have WeChat ID? Can we continue our discussion in WeChat? 你有微信ID吗?可以在微信继续讨论吗?
What is your WeChat ID? 你的微信ID是多少?
How many pieces in one box? 一盒多少片?
Can you add more extra layer of protection for my goods? 你们能为我的货物多加一层保护吗?
What is the total cost of the goods including local freight to my warehouse? 包括到我仓库的本地运费在内的货物总成本是多少?
When can you ship out the goods? 你什么时候可以发货? >/a>
May I know what is minimum order quantity (MOQ) for custom-made? 我可以知道定制的最低订购量 (MOQ) 是多少?
How much is the mold fee? 模具费是多少?
Can it be include once we place order for bulk production? 一旦我们下订单批量生产,它可以包括在内吗?
How many days for mold lead time / production time? 模具交货期/生产时间是多少天?
how many days for bulk order lead time/ production time? 大宗订单交货时间/生产时间是多少天?
Do you have shop in Taobao / AliExpress / JD ? I want to pay through Taobao because I do not have Alipay.

Can you give me the link ? So I can make direct payment using the link.

English Chinese
Have you ship my goods to my address? 你货物寄出到我给你的地址了吗?
How many box did you send to warehouse? 你寄了多少箱货去仓库?
How many waybill number / express number / single number did you sent? 您用了多少国内运单号/送货号/单号?
When will you ship the item? 你什么时候发货?
How many days will my order arrive to my address? 我的订单预计多少天到仓库?
Can you give me photo of slip postage of all box? 你能给我包装好.出货的货物全部图片吗?
I have received item at warehouse but only one box, can you give me all waybill number/express number? 我仓库收到货物了,但只有一个箱子,你能给我所有 国内的运单号码/快递号码吗?
I receive the goods but the item is damaged, can you give compensation? 我收到货物但物品损坏了,你能赔偿吗?
I receive the goods but the item is wrong, I order ....[yellow colour] ...but I get ....[blue colour]..., can you give refund? 我收到货了,但产品不对,我订购.... [黄色] ......但你 给我 ...... [蓝色] ......,你能退款吗?
The goods I received is not enough. Did you send right quantity? 我收到的货还不够。您发送的数量正确吗?
Are you using own transport to send goods to my warehouse? 您是否使用自己的运输工具将货物运送到我的仓库?
Did you received receipt from my warehouse? Can you send me photo of the receipt? 你收到我仓库的收据了吗?你能把收据的照片发给我吗?
I did not receive the goods. It seems you send to wrong warehouse. Can you help to check it with the local courier? 我没有收到货。看来你发错仓库了。你能帮忙查一下当地的快递吗?
I received my goods but some of them are damaged. They cannot be used. Is it possible to get refund or you can send new goods to me? 我收到了我的货物,但其中一些已损坏。它们不能被使用。是否可以退款或您可以向我发送新商品?
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Can I get the detail of your Alipay Account? 我可以得到你的支付宝账户的详细信息吗?
Your name in Chinese, Alipay Account Number. 你的中文名字,支付宝账号。
English Chinese
I received discount from you. 我从你那里得到了折扣。
Can you put the discounted price when I submit the order again? For me to make payment. 当我再次提交订单时,您可以提供折扣价吗?替我付款。
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I have some difficulties to pay using Alipay. My agent cannot pay in time. But my agent said, he can pay using bank account. Can you give me your account bank details? Your name in Chinese, your Bank Name, and your Bank Account Number. I will give the receipt after the payment is done. 我在使用支付宝付款时遇到了一些困难。我的代理人无法及时付款。但是我的经纪人说,他可以用银行账户付款。你能告诉我你的银行账户信息吗?您的中文姓名、银行名称和银行帐号。付款后我会给你收据。
English Chinese
I want to pay in RMB. I can do bank transfer. 我想用人民币付款。我可以做银行转账。
Can you give me detail of your bank account? Your name in Chinese, Your Bank Name, and your Bank Account Number. I will give receipt after I made the payment. 你能告诉我你的银行账户的详细信息吗?您的中文姓名、您的银行名称和您的银行帐号。我付款后会给收据。
What is the minimum order quantity? 最小订货量是多少?