Price List

Note that this list will be updated from time to time. Please check regularly for updates.
MyWau is comply with the local laws as well as the terms and policies.
It is the buyers/sellers’ responsibility to check before buying any goods.

List of sensitive items(Must be declared sensitive) that contain:
1) Battery: Phone, watches, RC Toys, powerbank (Few for personal only)
2) Electronic items: Computer items such as keyboard, mouse, headphones, speaker, pen-drive, USB cable, Bluetooth devices, LED lights, wired items
3) Branded items vary from clothes, toys, shoes, stationary including copy items such as LV, GUCCI, ADIDAS, COACH, NIKE, PUMA, Channel, Ferrari
4) Chemical: Perfume (Few for Personal Only)
5) Magnet: Handbag, bag, wallet, toys, bracelet
6) Cosmetic products: lipstick, foundation, blusher and other related cometic products including powdered products
7) Engine: machine, toys
8) Stationary: Ink Pen, Glue
9) Liquid and solution item: Detergent
10) Normal goods longer than 2 meters will be considered sensitive

If you are uncertain about the goods that you are buying, do inquire MyWau for confirmation before buying the goods.
Any unmentioned goods above listed, do verify the item with MyWau.
Not Permissible to Ship out from China to Malaysia.
1) Weapons including air guns, toys gun, imitation arms, pepper spray, stun guns and accessories
i) Air guns, toys gun, imitation arms, imitation hand grenade, imitation knife
ii) Pepper spray, stun guns and accessories
iii) Weapons such as batons, daggers, bow and arrows including carbon fiber arrows, shuriken, kerambit, katana, marker-paintball and other related weapons products
2) Face masks including children face masks, sanitizers, face shield, PPE uniforms and any related to virus products
3) Pure battery-related products such as power-banks, car battery, drone-battery, Lithium Battery
4) Tobacco and Tobacco-related products, Electronic (E-Cigar) and its parts that containing nicotine, and cigarettes
5) All types of medicine & pharmaceutical products including prescribed and non-prescribed drugs
6) Uncertified Motorcycle helmet under Trade Description Act 2011
7) Foods and Drinks such as wet foods
i) Food items: Expired food items, noxious food-types, food-item containing medicinal claimed, any other foods that is dangerous to human health
ii) Rice and padi including rice products
iii) Alcohol beverages
8) Animals & wildlife products and Live Plants
9) Artifacts and Antiques
10) Slot Machine
11) Toxic and hazardous waste such as concentrated acid solution, ton of solution
12) Highly inflammable and explosive items such fireworks, lighter, aerosol
13) Mislabeled goods
14) Human Parts
15) Government or police-related items such as uniforms, badges, bullet-proof vest
16) Pesticides
17) Lock-picking devices
18) Electronic surveillance equipment and other similar devices, such as wiretapping, radar scanners, telephone bugging devices including equipment that is not certified by Malaysia Communication and Multimedia Commission (MCMC)
19) Any products that bearing imprints the name of ‘Allah’ or any verses of Quran
20) Currency: i) Physical currency
ii) Digital currency
iii) Debit cards & Credit cards
21) Other items illegal or restricted in the country of buyer
22) Fresh Plant


Weight Normal Goods Sensitive Goods
1Kg - 2Kg RM 22.00/Kg RM 38.80/Kg
3Kg - 5Kg RM 21.00/Kg RM 37.00/Kg
6Kg - 10Kg RM 19.00/Kg RM 36.50/Kg
11Kg - 30Kg RM 18.00/Kg RM 20.00/Kg
Above 31Kg RM 17.00/Kg RM 19.50/Kg


Weight Normal Goods Sensitive Goods
1Kg - 3Kg RM 30.00/Kg RM 46.00/Kg
4Kg - 10Kg RM 29.00/Kg RM 45.00/Kg
Above 11Kg RM 27.00/Kg RM 30.00/Kg
Weight By CBM Weight By KG

West Malaysia (Semenanjung)

Minimum 0.3 CBM = RM 129.00
0.4 CBM - 4.9 CBM = RM 430 /CBM
5.0 CBM - 9.9 CBM = RM 425 / CBM
10 CBM and above = RM 420 / CBM

East Malaysia (Sabah dan Sarawak)

1 CBM = RM 772.00
Minimum of Charge is 0.5 CBM
0.5 = RM 386.00

note: CBM is Cubic Meter

West Malaysia (Semenanjung)

1Kg - 5Kg = RM 13 / Kg

6Kg - 11Kg = RM 9 / Kg

11Kg Above = RM 8 / Kg

East Malaysia (Sabah dan Sarawak)

1Kg - 5Kg = RM 17 / Kg

6Kg - 11Kg = RM 15 / Kg

11Kg Above = RM 12 / Kg

West Malaysia (Semenanjung)

Minimum 0.5 CBM = RM 215.00
0.6 CBM - 4.9 CBM = RM 430 /CBM
5.0 CBM - 9.9 CBM = RM 425 / CBM
10 CBM and above = RM 420 / CBM

East Malaysia (Sabah dan Sarawak)

Minimum 0.5 cbm = RM 385.50

1 CBM = RM 771.00


1 Shipment Change Warehouse: RM 10 / parcel
Description It will take 2 until 3 days to proceed.

Wooden Box

1 pieces & Above Every 1 pieces Minimum RM25 per parcel (harga wooden frame bergantung kepada saiz parcel)
Description Strong, hard to steal, no opening allow from third party.